Song writing always begins with an introduction to theory. From there you will study works from other artists to see how they Choose Chords, develop Melodies and Harmonies, and how they use the art of Modulation to bring you to and from different keys for effect. Choose a song and artist that you enjoy and we will dissect the piece learning the above techniques.

In composing your own piece we can work from the chords and groove, developing melodies above it, or from a melody you hear in your head, and build chords and grooves below it. After completing a piece of your own, I will teach you how to Transpose the song to fit your vocal range and Arrange the song to bring out it’s best. Help you with singing techniques for pitch and tone. We study different rhythms to help suit the motion and feel you are trying to achieve. From there we can record a four track version of your song for study at home. (Recommend 1 hour lesson/week plus practice time. More time may be needed for recording depending on length and number of songs)